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Focused on our environment

Our business is built on love and respect for the environment; therefore, we have made it our responsibility to help protect it. This is at the core of the decisions we make as a business, and we are continually striving to better ourselves, to the benefit of people and planet.

It is the general policy of Lost Shore to ensure that our operations, services, and products are delivered in the most sustainable way possible. This is achieved whilst retaining the quality of our product, which is a balance we are always keeping a keen eye on.

We are committed to protecting our people, planet, and profit in the short, medium, and long term.

Our team believe that it is our responsibility to constantly challenge our ways of working to ensure we our running our business in the most sustainable manner possible, and that we are influencing others to do the same. 

It goes without saying that we will endeavour to comply with our legal duties, responsibilities, and obligations under sustainability legislation, along with relevant codes of practice and guidance issued by the government. Where possible we will look to not only meet but surpass those standards. 

Lost Shore does not intend to follow, we fully intend to lead from the front.


  • Ensuring that we are inspiring and enabling both the current and future generations to live and work more sustainably.
  • Investing in local, regional and national communities in ways that are both safe and risk-free to health.
  • Providing information, instruction and training as is necessary to develop the sustainable skills and knowledge base in the team.
  • Providing and maintaining a working environment that is happy, healthy, safe and secure.
Lost Shore Surf Resort
Lost Shore Surf Resort


  • Supporting a circular, low carbon economy based on the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. 
  • Respecting the environment through the efficient use of resources. 
  • Consulting with employees on a regular basis, to ensure that we are preventing pollution in all forms.
  • Identifying ways of working to ensure that we are protecting, improving and developing ecosystems within nature’s annual cycles.


  • Supporting and enabling sustainable short, medium and long-term economic growth.
  • Ensuring that strong governance, integrity, and accountability exists throughout the Company from top to bottom.
  • Recognising the importance of providing local services in a global context and delivering our operation, products and services with this principle in mind.
  • Making decisions that do not compromise future generation’s business needs.
Lost Shore Surf Resort