Wave Garden Technology

Wavegarden Technology

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Based in the Basque Country, in Northern Spain, Wavegarden has been at the forefront of the surf park industry since 2005 and is now leading this rapidly growing sector thanks to their latest technology, the Wavegarden Cove. 

Ground-breaking technology - This modular system uses mechanical paddles powered by electric motors to create wave-like movements in the water, similar to ocean swells. Not only is this the first customised wave generation technology for surfing, it’s also the most sustainable solution in the industry, consuming less energy than a single chairlift at a ski resort. It also uses up to 10x less energy per wave than some existing wave producing facilities.

Through our partnership with Wavegarden, we will be able to generate up to 1000 waves per hour and easily adjust their characteristics with a simple push of a button, making them accessible to beginners and professional surfers alike. 

Upon completion, Lost Shore Surf Resort will be Europe’s largest inland surfing destination. Due to the nature of Wavegarden technology, we will be able to continually run updates on the machine, meaning we will be able to remain at the cutting edge for many years to come.