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Gift Vouchers

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Gifting Experiences

We are now selling Gift Vouchers which cover both surfing and accommodation experiences at Lost Shore. 
These can be the perfect treat for yourself, or gift for your family and friends. Why not combine the two vouchers and create an unforgettable experience. Each surf session or lesson voucher is delivered separately, so they can easily be split up and gifted to different people. Just select the quantity you require, the more you buy the better value they are! 
To give the surf community and the general public a chance to be the first to surf our waves, opening September 2024, we will be releasing a limited number of Gift Vouchers that represent by far the greatest value for money experience of any inland surf park around the world. 
Once they’re gone, they’re gone. The good news is you can buy as many as you like, and they’re all transferable, so perfect for gifts as well as maximising your own surf time. If you’ve been waiting for as long as we have for Lost Shore to become a reality, then now is the time to buy! We expect these to sell out fast, so don’t hang around! 
So, if you surf, have ever thought of surfing, or just want an excuse to visit Edinburgh or give yourself a base for a wider trip to Scotland, don’t hold back! Click below for more details and we look forward to sharing waves with you when we open. 
The vouchers entitle you to be early booking rights, ahead of general sale by one week, meaning that you get the opportunity to select the surf or accommodation experience that you’ve been waiting so long for. We expect the pool to be very popular, so this is your best way of ensuring you are able to access the slot you want. 
The vouchers can be used at any point from our opening (planned for September 2024), up to and including 31st March 2025.