Inland Surf Resort

Wavegarden Cove technology allows us to adjust the size, power, and shape of the waves at the push of a button. No matter your level, you will always be able to find your perfect wave.

At Lost Shore Surf Resort, the price you see is the price you will pay! No sneaky add-ons, or fees that are added at the checkout. All of the equipment you will need is included in the advertised price: full wetsuit and surfboard will be included at no extra charge for your lesson or session. If you would prefer to bring your own equipment instead of borrowing ours, then that is of course no problem at all! 

We have taken great care in selecting the best possible wetsuits for our pool, and have gone through rigorous testing to ensure that they will be the best possible quality and keep you toasty warm through your whole session. If you have never surfed before, and have always assumed that Scotland was “just too cold for that nonsense”, then think again! Due to the impressive amount of design and technology that goes into a modern wetsuit, the surfer in the water is normally warmer than the walker on the beach!

Lost Shore Surf Resort

Surfing at Lost Shore

Traditionally, getting changed into and out of your wetsuit in a cold carpark, has been enough to put even the hardiest of people off water sports. Our heated indoor changing and shower facilities change all of that. Private cubicles, and fully accessible amenities for all, mean that it has never been easier to give it a go.

Beginners and first timers will be surfing in our bay area, with a qualified and experienced instructor. The lesson will include half an hour on land, to learn the fundamentals, followed by an hour in the water. You’ll be surfing on whitewater (broken waves, with less power), and this experience has been tailored to give you the best possible chance of success in these early stages. The boards for these sessions are also designed with ease of use and safety at their heart, giving the perfect launch pad to your newly found favourite activity! Don’t blame us when you become addicted to that feeling as the waves pick you up and carry you towards the shore, we did warn you this would happen!

More experienced surfers will be able to access the sessions which take place in our reef areas. From your first attempts at trimming along an unbroken wave, to your first turns, and into your first barrel and beyond, our pool will provide the best possible waves for the stage of your surfing journey. It doesn’t matter if you have your eyes set on being the next big thing, with an Olympic podium in your sight. Or if you have reached your level and are just here to enjoy it and forget about the outside world for a blissful hour. We have it all, and at the push of a button! 

We will always have the best quality softboards on offer for free, in a range of sizes and styles, but we want to offer a world-class experience to all. Surfers will have access to range of high-end and performance surf boards which are available to rent or demo, for a small fee. No obligation to rent a board, but they are there if you would like to take your session to the next level!

Lost Shore Surf Resort

Surf Lessons

No surfing experience is necessary, and our expert coaches will provide the perfect platform to start your surfing journey. All equipment is included in the price.

Lost Shore Surf Resort

Surf Sessions

For more experienced surfers, sessions take place in the reef area. Wetsuits and softboards are available to use free of charge, however you are welcome to bring your own equipment.

Surf Lessons & Sessions

Sessions and Lessons give you an hour in the pool, but the lessons also give you also get an extra half hour of tuition on-land before getting in the water. If you think that this doesn’t sound like enough, then have a shot and come back and tell us how your arms feel… If you think it sounds like a lot, then you clearly haven’t had the chance to see how fast the time goes when you’re having this much fun! 
Safety is our priority, even more important than fun. Our lifeguards are all fully certified and experienced, with the latest training and equipment being on hand. The advantage of inland surfing is that the waves can be stopped at the push of a button. So, in the unlikely event of a surfer getting into difficulty, we can turn the waves off, and our lifeguards will take care of the rest.